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It’s been a while since I reached out to let you know how wonderful our gray kitty Clyde is still doing at age 13. He and his sister are still great mousers and enjoy more relaxing time in the back yard which has been made into an oasis for them.

Thank you again for saving my kitty all those years ago. He’s been one wonderful Mama’s boy ever since and we adore him.

I just wanted you to know that he’s in great health and still enjoying his life. Thank you for doing the surgery that saved him. ​

My husband and I are now fully retired, although I do random commercials for KGON at times. So the cats like having us around to open doors for them and feed them on time.

- Iris

You repaired GSD Milo’s trachea in 2018 after he was shot in the throat. I just wanted to let you know he is doing fabulous! A big healthy happy dog.
I think of you and what you did for us often and I wanted to let you know how grateful we are and the long wonderful consequence of your efforts and skill.

Thank you,

- Wendy

I highly recommend Dr. Amelia Simpson and her staff for surgical and veterinarian care. She did surgery to remove a tumor on my 13-year-old dog Joey’s lower lip. Beautiful surgical job! Healed quickly. Dr. Simpson clearly explained our options and the estimated costs. She gave him a thorough checkup including chest x-ray prior to surgery so there would be no problems. He was kept overnight for observation – they have someone there 24 hours – and we were able to call to check on him several times through the night. The staff was patient and supportive monitoring Joey’s progress post surgery. They are attentive and personable, and we are VERY satisfied. Dr. Simpson personally followed up and explained the biopsy results. This is the second time she has done specialized surgery on our dog. The first was several years ago to remove a small cancerous tumor on his groin.
Thank you Dr. Simpson and staff.

- Craig and Susie


My daughter and I took Mia to the coast for maybe the tenth time this summer today. We’ve been easing her back to ball chasing after her most recent spring surgery. She was poetry in motion! Three surgeries later, thanks to you and your team for letting her be an athlete again! I just wanted you to know that we are so very grateful that your great surgical skill and wise judgment have given Mia her life back! Truly our hearts were just singing yesterday, watching her have a blast. She’s so happy and ran with abandon in Forest Park last week.

All the best!

- Kristi

The team at Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in the door for a consultation. They understood the emotional nature of having a pet in need of care and treated both me and my cat with immense grace and compassion. I received matter of fact information surrounding what was happening with my pet. My options were laid out clearly and explained to me in detail. Questions were answered with no judgement. After the surgery Dr. Simpson was readily available for check-ins, even when I had a minor concern I felt as though I was welcome to reach out. A year later, you’d never know Neville had surgery–which, to me, is the highest compliment you can give a surgeon. He is in great health, great spirits, and had zero complications. I am immensely grateful for the team at VSCP and feel as though they are the reason I have many quality years to look forward to with my cat.

- Sam Prince

We have all experienced concern for a loved one when they require medical treatment for any reason, to include our four-legged family members.  We hope and expect the best for them, regardless of how “minor” the ailment might be…but yeah, it’s never minor.  What we desire at such a time is an experienced and qualified medical professional to assist us, nothing less.  As important, we want that person(s) to be equally compassionate, caring, respectful, patient with both the afflicted family member and concerned family…answering the silly questions we often have and not being condescending, no matter how routine it all might appear.

That very positive atmosphere is what we encountered with you, Dr. Simpson, and your great Portland Veterinary Surgery team in Beaverton, when our sweet eight-year-old pup Annie, injured the ACL in her left hind leg, requiring surgery.  Recommended highly by our Vet in Carlton for such a procedure, the experience far exceeded our expectations…the care, concern, professionalism and warmth we desired was immediately noted when we first met with you, Dr. Simpson, and your staff.  The manner in which you all treated and loved on Annie, while patiently dealing with our concerns and seemingly foolish questions, was authentic and reassuring, giving us a great deal of comfort and confidence.

The surgery and recovery went extremely smooth and our eight week follow up exam was more a joyous reunion with you, Dr Simpson, and your staff, than a mere “appointment”.  What really convinced us we had the best team for Annie’s surgery was her own relaxed, even excited, disposition when we walked back into your office.  She was reunited and at home with caring friends and so were we…it made all the difference and we are forever grateful to you, Dr Simpson, and your outstanding team!

Warm Regards,

- Annie’s Pet Parents

Our 5-month-old American Bully named “Beast “ broke his tibia. Our regular vet referred us to VSCP after a misdiagnosis. Dr. Simpson was amazing she knew right away what the injury was and quickly gave us an easy explanation and explained the X-rays thoroughly. This entire process exceeded our expectations and went smoothly. They are reasonably priced. Every staff member was helpful and friendly. Our puppy got the best care and we are grateful to have had this experience with VSCP. His surgery was “one year ago” and he has healed well.

- Laura, Tony, and Beast Puhlman

We were so pleased with our entire experience with VSCP, from start to finish – a process of 6 months and counting!

Our veterinarian referred us to VCSP when our Newfoundland, Murphy, began limping severely. We suspected a torn cruciate ligament, and wanted to get an expert opinion.

When I first called to make an appointment, the receptionist was very professional and helpful. They were able to get us in right away for a consultation with Dr. Amelia Simpson, who confirmed that our suspicion was correct AND that the problem existed in both knees. She recommended a TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Ostomy) surgery for both knees. Since Murphy is a very large dog, we would need to stagger the surgeries, 6-8 weeks apart.

We scheduled her first surgery, and dropped her off early that morning. I was a nervous wreck, but Dr. Simpson called me as soon as she finished the surgery to let me know that it had gone perfectly. She called me again that afternoon to let me know that Murphy was still doing great! She also let me know that I was welcome to call back any time for an update. Murphy spent the night so that she could be monitored for a little while before we brought her home.

The second surgery went just as the first. Recovery was difficult for the first couple of weeks after each surgery, as we expected, but any time we had a question or concern, which was fairly often right at the beginning, Dr. Simpson responded promptly. We had no idea what to expect re what was an appropriate amount of pain/depression, and Dr. Simpson was great at letting us know what was in the range of “normal for this amount of time after surgery.”

I continue to check in with Dr. Simpson every once in a while, just to make sure whatever activity is appropriate for Murphy (snowshoeing, agility, etc) and she is quick to respond.

This could have been a negative/stressful experience, but all of our dealings with VCSP were top-notch. We appreciated the professionalism, kindness, ease of scheduling, responsiveness . . . . everything. To top it off, Murphy can’t wait to get out of the car when we arrive for follow up appointments. She dances around in the car when she can tell we’re getting close, then cries, then bolts to the front door of the facility as soon as we open the car door for her. She had major surgery there twice, and she can’t wait to go back in to see everyone!

- Jessica H.

Our dog Lucilla had knee issues, and had surgery with Dr. Munjar. When we dropped her off she was not even using her right back leg. She had both knees operated on at the same time. Now, 2 years post surgery, she is still doing absolutely great. She is a happy, healthy dog who can run, jump and roll just like normal. We found Dr. Munjar and his staff to have the perfect combination of expertise and compassion. They were kind but also professional and prompt to answer any concerns as they arose. We really can’t thank them enough.

- Laura S.