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Silverton, Oregon is a lovely little town, sitting as it does perched on either side of Silver Creek. It’s a cozy, little town just to the northeast of Salem, Oregon; established in the 1800’s around the timber industry as so many towns in Oregon were. If you have ever been to Silver Falls State Park, or the Oregon Garden nearby, then you’ve experienced the beauty that surrounds this part of the Willamette Valley. If you have not yet visited, I highly recommend that you take the time. The falls and the gardens are unforgettably beautiful.

Silverton is about an hour and then some away from VSCP and that may seem a bit of a distance for a trip to a veterinarian, but we do specialized surgery not available elsewhere and thus the Thompson family sought our help to save their precious new family member, Raymond.

The Thompson’s new family member, Raymond, is a kitten. A very tiny and very lucky little black and white purr monster kitten. Raymond is alive thanks to the Thompson family and VSCP’s surgical team.

Ella Thompson, age 15, responded to Raymond’s little cries as she was out and about in her neighborhood. She heard him, couldn’t find him, but didn’t give up. She and her friend kept searching, even though the tiny cries had stopped, until they found this little mop of a thing stuck all alone in some brush and debris.  When found, they scooped up his very weak body and took him straight home.

If you believe the adage that ‘Cats have nine lives’ then you’ll agree that Raymond surely used a few up in his first short weeks on this earth. The Thompsons took Raymond to their local vet clinic as they noticed that he walked a little strangely on his hind legs and, of course, they wanted to check his overall health status. Imagine their surprise to discover that this little tiny kitten had endured some sort of major trauma causing fractures in both hind legs and a massive and dangerous hernia due to a tear in his diaphragm. With this hernia, his intestines and spleen were able to get into his chest cavity, and this was making it hard for Raymond to breathe. The Thompson’s were told that although surgery and anesthesia were risky for such a tiny, young kitten, without it Raymond would probably not survive. The Thompson’s veterinarian referred them to VSCP for this delicate surgery.

Luckily, Raymond’s leg fractures are healing on their own. On June 22nd, Raymond arrived at VSCP first thing in the morning for surgery for his torn diaphragm.  The anesthesia techs took amazing care of Raymond, and Dr. Amelia Simpson, DVM, DACVS expertly relocated his intestines back into their proper place and repaired the torn diaphragm. Raymond was up and at ’em (and charming the staff) by that afternoon and went home the next morning.

Two weeks later Raymond returned to have his sutures removed, and I kid you not, this little gentleman, while held flat on his back while the stitches were removed, purred through the entire process.

I think you will agree that not all tiny, forgotten kittens are so lucky, but Raymond is and he has found his people and his dog. We are thrilled to have had a hand in saving his life.

“Saving one pet won’t change the world, but for that one pet, the world will change forever” – anonymous