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Portland, OR is always listed somewhere in the top 10 dog cities but we are a great PET city!  We are home to Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital who offers community programs for pet loss support, animal assisted therapy, canine and feline blood banks, and a stray and wild-life fund.  Most cities are lucky to have one animal shelter-we have a coalition (Oregon Human Society, Multnomah County Animal Shelter, Clackamas County Dog Services, Bonnie L Hays, Humane Society of SW Washington, and the Cat Adoption Team).  There are numerous rescue organizations and non-profits that work tirelessly to improve the welfare for animals in our community.  The Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland is proud to work with a number of these organizations.  We provide discounted surgical services and actively participate in fundraising events for the following rescue groups and shelters.

Golden Bond Rescue

Bella #2711

My name is Bella (#2711).   I was adopted by a wonderful, loving family in 2016.  Due to an unfortunate illness in my adoptive family, I am now looking for a home again.  I am a good girl.  I walk well on a leash and I won’t soil your floors.  The only thing about me that may be a teensy little problem is that I am not crazy about other dogs.  I can’t really explain what the issue is, but I just don’t like them.  For this reason, I am looking for a home where I can give all my love to my human family and friends without having to deal with another dog.  Please tell me you understand.   My foster mom says I am “exceptionally sweet.”  If you’re a human, could be the right dog for you?  I have so much love to give.  I hope you’ll say yes.

Adoption fee: $300 plus $35 microchip fee

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Shirley #3043

Hi Everybody,

I’m Shirley (#3043), but my foster mom thinks that I’m so sweet that she calls me Sugar.  I like that because I’ve never had anyone think I’m sweet.

My first few days in foster care were kind of disconcerting…there’s so much stuff that I don’t know about.  I am learning, but some days I still feel a little overwhelmed. I am still a little skittish with loud noises or fast movements, but I think I will get better as I learn to trust my humans.

I love to play with my cousins here…we have plenty of room to run and they are sharing their toys with me, which is very nice, but I would like my own toy box.  I am still trying to play with the humans like I play with the dogs, which, for some reason, my foster mom is trying to discourage.  I also am trying not to mouth, but I just get so excited, I can’t seem to help myself…so I need someone who understands that I’m really not trying to bite, just play.

I love a soft, fluffy bed…I didn’t even know that it would feel so good, but now that I know, there’s no turning back.  Something even better than that would be to be able to share a bed with you, as I am quite the snuggler.  A spot on the chair next to you will work too.

My forever family will find that I am truly a treasure if they can take the time & have the patience to help me through the stuff I need to learn.

If you look in the dictionary under Velcro Dog, you will find my picture. I’ve not had a human of my own before and I LOVE it.  I am a Golden through & though.

Adoption fee: $350 plus $35 microchip fee

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The Pixe Project

“It takes two to make a thing go right. It takes two to make it outta sight.” Hello world! Aren’t we the two cutest 8 year old Puggles you have ever seen?! I know it’s a bit hard to tell us apart physically, but our personalities help distinguish between the two as we are a bit different, though very bonded with each other. I am Olive and I am the one on the right in the first picture above. I am the more independent gal who likes to sit on the couch and watch the world go by. I am really into playing with my doggie pals that I meet here at Pixie and am a very go with the flow pooch. My sister is Bailey, and though she isn’t my blood sister, we are siblings at heart! She came to live with me after her owner passed away and we have been together now for about 5 years. She LOVES being around her people. I do too of course, but she likes to bond with the people in a different way and would definitely be a lap doggy if she could. We both are very food motivated which helps with our training. We are both watching our weight, and really enjoy our veggie treats. Carrots are our absolute favorite! We enjoy our daily exercise as well and love to walk around the neighborhood together.  We are social and do get along with other dogs, cats, and kids over 12. After a long day of activity and sunbathing, we are ready to snuggle the night away on the couch with you. Available for foster or adoption, these two puggles are the dynamic duo you have been waiting for. Fill out an application today, so we can meet! We come to you vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed with an up to date dental and an adoption fee of $450.

The Team at VSCP is proud to work with many of our local shelters in the greater Metro community.

Multnomah County Animal Shelter

MCAS-Shelter Community



Clatsop County Animal Shelter

CCAS-Shelter Community



Columbia Humane Society

Columbia Humane Society-Shelter Community


Oregon Humane Society

Oregon Humane Society-Shelter Community