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Portland, OR is always listed somewhere in the top 10 dog cities but we are a great PET city!  We are home to Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital who offers community programs for pet loss support, animal assisted therapy, canine and feline blood banks, and a stray and wild-life fund.  Most cities are lucky to have one animal shelter-we have a coalition (Oregon Human Society, Multnomah County Animal Shelter, Clackamas County Dog Services, Bonnie L Hays, Humane Society of SW Washington, and the Cat Adoption Team).  There are numerous rescue organizations and non-profits that work tirelessly to improve the welfare for animals in our community.  The Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland is proud to work with a number of these organizations.  We provide discounted surgical services and actively participate in fundraising events for the following rescue groups and shelters.

Golden Bond Rescue

Bandy #2827

Hey there superheroes! Are you looking for a new sidekick?  I’m Bandy (#2827), and I’m your guy!  I’d love to help you with everything you do.  Laundry, walks, car rides, or watching TV, I’ll be by your side.  I’m 8 years old, and I’m a handsome mix.  My dad was a Golden, and my mom was a Lab, Boxer, German Shepherd mix.   I’d say I mostly have the loving, eager-to-please nature of a Golden, but I also show my herding side since I always want to know where my people are.

.I used to live with a lady who had me since I was a puppy, but her health prevented her from caring for me anymore, so I am looking for a new furever home. I lived a fairly sheltered life there, so I have been learning how to get out and about.  I didn’t really know how to go for walks, but thanks to this thing called a harness, I walk daily around the neighborhood.  I love being outside and really enjoy walks.  There are so many things to smell!  I don’t pull on my leash, aside from when I see another dog.  Then I’ll bark and pull to go see them.  I’ll need some continued training to control my emotions before I can make doggie friends.

New places can be a little scary for me, so I’ll need time to get used to anywhere we go. I always love a good car ride though.  Whenever the garage is open, I like to go check out the car and see if I can hop in!

I am overall pretty healthy. I am at a healthy weight, and I only eat when I feel like it.  I do love peanut butter or jerky treats though and will gladly eat those all day long!

At home, I am pretty mellow. Cuddling is my real expertise.  I always want to be near you, and the closer to in your lap I can get, the better.  I’ll let you know how much I adore you by sticking my nose right in your face and sniffing a bunch.  I do like my dog beds if I can’t be on a person.  I’m not big on toys, but I do enjoy a nylabone every so often.  You can sometimes find me tossing it around and prancing like a puppy.  I sometimes get some zoomies, especially before or after a walk.  I settle down after a few laps though.  I can stay home alone without causing any trouble, but I’d rather you hang out with me.  I’ll cry a bit when you leave, and eventually just sleep.  When you get home, I’ll be right there at the door waiting for you.

I’ve been working with a trainer to build some confidence and trust with my foster parents.  I can show you all the neat things I’ve learned so we can keep working on them.  I’d like to be an only dog and really prefer men.

I’m dreaming of a quiet home in the country where we can go on long secluded walks.  After our walks we can hang out at home and I can help you with whatever you are working on.  I just hope you have as much affection to give as I do!

Adoption fee:  $300 + $35 microchip fee
Bandy is being fostered in the Portland, OR area


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Cosmo #2839

Hi, my name is Cosmo (#2839) and I’m ready and eager to find my new family. I am 16 months old and am a confident boy, who curious about everything.  I love being with my family and want to be involved in everything they do. I love to give kisses and snuggle. I love other dogs and I even like to play with cats. However, if they run I’m sure the game is on and I will run after them. I love children but I haven’t been around very many of them. I may be too energetic to be around smaller children, so older ones might be a better fit for me.

I came from Shanghai, China, where I lived with the same family since I was a puppy. They decided that they did not have the time for me, so they sent me to America to start a new life, where I could run and play every day

Did I mention that I love to play? I have this awesome tug rope and it’s my favorite toy, but I love my ball and will go get it for you and bring it back for another turn. I also have a great time with other dogs. I have a couple of them to play with in my foster home, and we have a blast! As a puppy, sometimes I play a little rough, but I am happy to tone it down when an older dog tells me to.

I am still learning not to pull when I’m walking on a leash. It’s hard to resist the urge to pull so I can smell things and meet everyone I see, but I am working on it! Meeting new people is so exciting for me and I cannot get enough attention. On a side note, I am content in my kennel and will lay down and sleep. If told to wait, I will wait at an open door until you tell me I can go and I will also wait until you tell me to get out of the car.

Being the fun loving, curious sweetheart I am, I love getting into everything to play with it and shred it. I will get things off the counter, any table, and of course anything on the floor is legally mine.  The best part of all of this is that you might chase me and we can have a great game of keep-away.

If I’m being totally candid here, there’s something you should know: sometimes I have temper tantrums when I want to do something and you tell me no. I am getting better about this and am pretty easily redirected with a toy. I do need a family that has rules for me and will keep me in line.

I would do best with an experienced family, who will give me lots of exercise and attention. If you are willing to attend some obedience classes with me, that would be even better!!


Adoption fee $750 + $35 microchip fee

Cosmo is being fostered in Salem, OR

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The Pixe Project

Hi everyone! My name is Rusty and I am an energetic happy go lucky 4 year old Min Pin mix weighing in at 18lbs. As my foster says, I just want to crawl right into your heart and soul. And that is a true fact! I love to cuddle with my human pals and of course am always up for some nice belly rubs on my smooth bare chest. I don’t mind being around active dog pals my age, as my puppy like energy might annoy mellower pups. I am very food motivated which helps with my basic training. I am always up for learning more and am already even potty trained! Outside is where I like to be during those nice weather days. Especially to run around in a nice big fenced yard! Because of my big friendly puppy like bounces, I would need to be in a home with kids 12 and older. No kitties in my home please! Attention from my humans is what I love the most and you will see that I may even nose my way into the lime light if another pup happens to be getting more attention. Ha! I am just so ready to be your sidekick! Will you be my superhero? Fill out an application today, so we can meet! I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $300.

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