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Portland, OR is always listed somewhere in the top 10 dog cities but we are a great PET city!  We are home to Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital who offers community programs for pet loss support, animal assisted therapy, canine and feline blood banks, and a stray and wild-life fund.  Most cities are lucky to have one animal shelter-we have a coalition (Oregon Human Society, Multnomah County Animal Shelter, Clackamas County Dog Services, Bonnie L Hays, Humane Society of SW Washington, and the Cat Adoption Team).  There are numerous rescue organizations and non-profits that work tirelessly to improve the welfare for animals in our community.  The Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland is proud to work with a number of these organizations.  We provide discounted surgical services and actively participate in fundraising events for the following rescue groups and shelters.

Golden Bond Rescue

Withers (a/k/a Sam) #3216

Hi, I’m Sam (#3216), and I’m a GOOD boy! At least that’s what my foster mom says.

When I came from China, I didn’t know much about how things worked here. When I went for a walk, I would stop and look up in the sky every time an airplane flew over, and I barked at the TV! But I have it all figured out now. I know how to sit for my supper and how to come when I’m called. I love to play with balls and toys. I get along well with everyone — dogs, cats, people — well, everyone except those evil squirrels! I promise to keep all the bad squirrels away from your house!  Can I come live with you?

What my foster mom says:  Sam is a delight. He’s probably the easiest foster dog I’ve ever had. He’s smart, sensitive, and has a lovely temperament. He slept right through Fourth of July fireworks. He likes being around people but doesn’t mind spending time alone. He fetches balls and usually brings them back! He learned “sit” very quickly and comes when called most of the time. He is calm in the house and likes to go on walks. He walks pretty well on the leash once he gets his ya-yas out. He loves riding in the car. He is a counter-cruiser and will also steal and eat paper- but hey, guess a guy needs a little roughage now and then! Sam will make some family very happy!

Withers (Sam) is being fostered in Portland, OR.

Adoption fee:  $900 plus $35 microchip fee

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Ulanda #3193

Hello everyone! I’m Ulanda (#3193).  I came to Portland from China in late May. I was released by my owner in China because my family decided to have kids instead of a dog.  My foster parents say I’m the sweetest dog they have ever met.  I love, love and love attention!  If one of my foster brothers or sister gets attention, I want it too!  I will work myself between them and my foster parents to get all the attention.  If I am outside and spot my foster parents, I will race to be the first to get attention, sometimes body slamming them.  (I’m getting better about not body slamming, but I still arrive first for the attention.)

I live with two goldens, a border collie and cats. I like cats, but I don’t think they like me much because they just walk away when I want to snuggle with them.  I have met my foster parents’ grandkids and, boy, do I love chasing the balls they throw for me!  I did jump on them but stopped once they “stood like a statue” because it wasn’t as much fun anymore.

I’m a big girl, weighing in at 80 pounds, and am around 6-years old. My foster mom says I move great and that she loves watching me jump in the air to catch a ball.  I only counter-surfed once while living here.  I am not food aggressive at all and will wait with all my foster brothers and sister for my treats.  I have had potty accidents in the house, so I’ll need some time to get used to my new home and routine when I get there.  I also was afraid of the front door and wouldn’t go through it at first, but my foster mom helped me get over that fear.  I still need help walking on a leash; my foster mom is using a “Wonder Walker” harness and that helps me not to pull so much.  I like a crate — a real comfy one — to go to when I need some space.  I will often go into my crate on my own; I love sleeping in it at night.  I’m perfect riding in a car and will jump in if the car door is open, even if my foster parents aren’t going anywhere.

I love to play with my foster brothers and sister. I would do fine with another dog in the house, but I will want to be first in line for lovin’.  If I’m the only dog, I’d love to have a friend to play with on a regular basis.

I was treated for a skin issue that is all gone, and a UTI that is clear now. I’m also being treated for whipworm, and will need a follow-up treatment in August.

A note from my foster family: Ulanda needs gentle training when it comes to basic commands.  She knows “sit”, and will “come” when she is called, but other commands will need to be worked on in a very gentle way. When she goes outside to potty she will do it pretty quickly when you ask her to. Ulanda is a wonderful dog and we will miss her dearly.

Ulanda is being fostered in Portland.

Adoption fee: $900 plus $35 microchip fee

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The Pixe Project

Hello there! My name is Obi-Wan and I am a cutie 4 year old Chihuahua mix weighing in at 10 lbs. Don’t let my serious face fool you, I am just concentrating and using the force to help me find my new home! I am a Jedi master after all! But once you get to know me, I am actually a silly guy who loves to romp and play. Though I take a second or two to warm up, I am eager to bond and am very food motivated which helps to expose my fun true colors and  silly personality. I love to play with my fellow padawan pups and have met some new friends at Pixie. In fact, I tend to gain a lot of confidence around my fellow doggy friends and would be so happy to have a furry sibling! Even those dog savvy kitties could join our force against dark side. Once I come out of my shell, I am happy to bounce around with my human pals over 12. Because I came from a more rural planet, a quieter neighborhood versus downtown is more my style. Silly, sweet, and full of fun, it’s plain to see that I am really the chosen one. So use the force, young jedi, to see that you belong with me! Fill out an application, so we can meet! I come to you vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $350.

The Team at VSCP is proud to work with many of our local shelters in the greater Metro community.

Multnomah County Animal Shelter

MCAS-Shelter Community



Clatsop County Animal Shelter

CCAS-Shelter Community



Columbia Humane Society

Columbia Humane Society-Shelter Community


Oregon Humane Society

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