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Portland, OR is always listed somewhere in the top 10 dog cities but we are a great PET city!  We are home to Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital who offers community programs for pet loss support, animal assisted therapy, canine and feline blood banks, and a stray and wild-life fund.  Most cities are lucky to have one animal shelter-we have a coalition (Oregon Human Society, Multnomah County Animal Shelter, Clackamas County Dog Services, Bonnie L Hays, Humane Society of SW Washington, and the Cat Adoption Team).  There are numerous rescue organizations and non-profits that work tirelessly to improve the welfare for animals in our community.  The Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland is proud to work with a number of these organizations.  We provide discounted surgical services and actively participate in fundraising events for the following rescue groups and shelters.

Golden Bond Rescue


Hi! I’m Ace (#3278), but my foster parents call me Chase because I am full of personality and love playing chase with my dog friends around the yard. Although I may not understand many English words, my foster family tells me I am very smart. Whenever they give me the command to “come (here)”, I immediately come running because I know I will be treated to some welcome love and attention. They don’t even have to tell me twice! Within a couple days with them, they taught me to sit and I learned to “high 5” for a treat.

Although I am only 1-2 yrs old, I am very calm, polite, and obedient. I do LOVE to play with other dogs and am very well adjusted around male and female dogs of all sizes and ages. I do get really excited when I meet a new human and like to jump up to hug them, but we are working on my greeting manners and I am catching on. When not playing with my dog friends, I really enjoy some snuggle time with my humans.

I am a well-adjusted dog that doesn’t need a lot of attention but when I first arrived in my foster home I was very nervous and stressed from my trip. My foster family has given me lots of love and tells me every day what a good boy I am, that made the transition much easier for me. They don’t know anything about my previous family and home but they think I was well treated and trained from the time I was a puppy. My foster family thinks I was fed in the kitchen from the refrigerator since whenever food is taken out I get really excited and I watch intently for my turn to eat, but I don’t counter surf or take anything I’m not supposed to.

My foster family has 2 SUPER FUN Goldens, one of them is older so I don’t really play with her at all, but the other is about my age and we have the BEST TIME EVER!!! They also have a cat that loves dogs and lets me sniff her once in a while. I’ve tried to get her to play by gently jumping towards her but it’s no use, she’s just not as fun as playing with my dog friends so I am fine letting her keep her distance.

The other day I got a bath at this fun dog wash place. There were lots of other dogs and noise from blow driers and barking dogs, but I didn’t mind at all. I kind of enjoy getting a bath, and boy am I soft afterwards! I also don’t mind at all getting my nails clipped, ears cleaned, or teeth looked at. All this pampering makes me feel like a king!

During the day I am perfectly content to hang out with my dog friends in their massive dog kennel, or if it’s too cold outside I am completely crate trained and content in either place while my foster parents are at work. Sometimes I get to go to doggy daycare for more socializing and dog play, what a blast!

I am going to miss my foster family SO much but they have promised me that there is a perfect family with a fun dog to play with that is waiting for a dog just like me.

Ace is being fostered in Boring, OR.

Adoption fee:  $900 plus $35 microchip fee



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Lenny #2935

Before reading about Lenny, watch this short video to see the Super Star he has become. He has shown himself to be very smart as well as very loving.


Swipe right for ME! Single Asian male (yellow lab) seeking a forever relationship. My name is Lenny (#2935), which is a name that translates from Mandarin Chinese to mean Happy and that’s exactly what I am! I like long walks on the beach (or just around the neighborhood), rides in the car, home cooked candlelight dinners by the fire, and snuggling up to watch a movie with you. Here’s some fun facts about me –

I love to dance, I’m a strong supporter of the 5 second rule, I think kale is overrated, and I’m probably on Santa’s naughty list. Sometimes I put on my devil horns instead of my halo. But most of the time it’s the halo.

You don’t have to worry about me chewing up your shoes, peeing in the house, pooping in your shoes or any of those puppy things as I have definitely outgrown those young puppy urges. I’m currently in a foster home sleeping on a nice bed, having nutritious meals & treats, and getting lots of love. Don’t get me wrong, I love this lady taking care of me but I’m really hopeful that there is someone looking for their own dog, a forever friend so to speak.

If you are willing to make me a member of your family I promise to in return, shower you with lots of yellow lab love. I will be your best friend and constant companion! I’ll be honest I want to be in an exclusive relationship. I’d rather be an “only” dog as at this point in my life I’m not really into sharing the spot light with a brother or a sister when it comes to animals. When it comes to humans though I like both men and women. My foster mom say’s I’m mouthy, so I can’t really live with small children. As I mentioned I’m one to favor nice relaxing walks, a day of nosing around the yard or basking in the sun but I may surprise you now and then with some zoomies around the yard just to keep life interesting! I’m love toys, and will get them all out of the basket. I also like chewing on a good big bone.

I really am enjoying the good life that my foster mom is giving me. I have heard her say I have the most beautiful, soulful eyes. It’s always nice to hear a compliment now and then right? I will admit that I’m rather exuberant at times and will need to continue my positive reinforcement training. I really do love those who love me back. Don’t worry if I follow you around while you do your thing – it’s just me making sure that you know I’m around if you need me.

I would love to be your yellow lab, your friend and forever companion.

Because of my size, I would do best in a house with no children, no other dogs and with a strong leader who is willing to be positive in reinforcing my activities, yet firm in my conduct. Please watch my video in one of my training classes.

Adoption fee:  $350 plus $35 microchip fee (Golden Bond’s application fee will be deducted from the adoption fee for Lenny)

Lenny is in the Portland OR area.

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The Pixe Project

The Team at VSCP is proud to work with many of our local shelters in the greater Metro community.

Multnomah County Animal Shelter

MCAS-Shelter Community



Clatsop County Animal Shelter

CCAS-Shelter Community



Columbia Humane Society

Columbia Humane Society-Shelter Community


Oregon Humane Society

Oregon Humane Society-Shelter Community