Client Comments

What some of our clients are saying:

"Dr. Munjar - Just wanted to let you all know that Lucy is doing great! She's had an active summer, including running amok on the beach and her new knees held up just fine! Thank you ALL again for your professionalism and kind hearted care of our baby earlier this year.  We are very grateful to you, Doctor Munjar for all your great and caring work.
best regards

Dr.Munjar, Simpson and staff always come thru. Thanks for caring for Petey as if he were your own pet today!

When my year old pup first started limping, I thought nothing of it, assuming that with time she would recover on her own. But after a few months, I knew that something wasn't right. Our regular vet referred us to Dr. Munjar to have her shoulder checked out.

The front desk staff were quick to get us in and so kind. Dr. Munjar examined her and her x-rays and gave us a few options - allowing us to go with the least invasive route to start. He was patient and thorough with all of my questions about her pain med prescriptions and the level of rest she would need.

In the end, the procedure went perfectly and by following his instructions (which weren't always easy with such a high-energy breed) she was able to make a full recovery with just one cortisol shot and a lot of down time.

If she were ever to be injured again, I would not hesitate to bring her back to Dr. Munjar for care. He is kind, gentle and communicates openly and clearly about the medical problems and all of the potential solutions.