Kelso Case of the month March 2016

Kelso Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Kelso’s Story

Kelso was 7 & 1/2 years old when he was surrendered to Golden Bond Rescue (GBR)  He suffered from hip dysplasia and his right hip was so severe he needed a total hip replacement.  Radiographs taken in 2013 showed significant arthritis and extreme muscle loss.  When Kelso came to Dr. Timothy Munjar in July of 2015 he no longer had use of the leg.  Kelso received a BioMetrix #7 femoral stem, #9 femoral head, and a 26mm acetabular cup on July 15, 2015.  He was weight bearing on his new hip just hours after recovery and went to his foster home the next day.  Over the next 6 months Kelso did extensive physical therapy with Dr. Mandi at Healing Arts Animal Care.  Week 1 included laser treatment, scar massage, and passive range of motion.  Weeks 2-8 included more laser therapy, stretching and massage of his iliopsoas muscle, and active range of motion exercises.

Kelso doing hydro therapyAt 8 weeks Kelso began hydrotherapy.  The underwater treadmill was a piece of cake as long as he got his beloved tennis ball.  Over the next 12 weeks, Kelso’s session increased in intensity and duration.  20 weeks after his replacement, Kelso’s right leg had become his “dominant” leg and he had equal muscle mass on both hind limbs.  In 5 short months he went from leg dragging and inactivity to being a beach running, ball chasing, playful golden.  In January of 2016, Kelso went to his new, forever home where he enjoys a huge backyard, his kitty housemates, and a lot (a lot!) of ball time.  Thanks to GBR, this handsome boy got a new lease on life!  For more information on BioMetrics Univeral Hip visit



Kelso recovered after surgery